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So why are these people above the law they all need to be brought to justice and jobs taken off them its a Steak And Bjs I Like Mine Well Done Shirt disgrace what the did to the president who does so much for his country they ought to be ashamed of themselvesit is a shame that we the taxpayers have to foot tbe bill for this sham when there were more important things we could have spent the millions of dollars wasted I as. Drove me mad trump they are backingyou also quit trying to deflect karen freds hodgkinson they spent years and millions investigating that claim there was no basis in fact to it. We want them to be held accountablenow we are losing hope when will all the people involved with all these crimes be arrested and prosecuted no average us citizen could even think about doing the things these people have done it appears to me that leadership in the fbi and cia need to be replaced as a former marine corps captain I was sworn in to obey all lawful orders all agents that violated this basic principle should be relieved of their position as a tax paying citizen I would like the money replaced the wasted and justice should be administered to the ones responsible I work hard for everyone of the dollars I paid in

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