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Are financially helping themselves before The Sorry Can’t Stoned Bye Shirt government commit any tax payers money if the government do decide to on the. Taxpayers behalf help any company out it must not be to the detriment to the tax payer like the bailout. Of the banks i specifically refer to rsb hbos etc perhaps branson who told his staff to take weeks unpaid. Leave could bail himself out the guy sued the nhshe is revolting dont bail them out nationalise them then return. All profit into public purse i knew he would be the first in the queue i suppose he is isolating.

Sorry Can't Stoned Bye Longsleeve

Sorry Can’t Stoned Bye Longsleeve

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Himself in his private island if you cant pay your highly ambitious way sell your assets as anyone else would. Have to do before having to extract money from The Sorry Can’t Stoned Bye Shirt tax payer whos money turned you into a tycoon in. The first place the cheek of him avoided paying taxes for years and now looking for a handout he can. Jog on and use his own millions see whats left when self employed contractors and sole traders have been helped. Surely not essential travel also give nhs staff a noticeable pay rise before any help to airlines let branson spend.

Sorry Can't Stoned Bye Tank Top

Sorry Can’t Stoned Bye Tank Top

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Some of his money many small businesses and The Sorry Can’t Stoned Bye Shirt self employed are struggling so why is virgin so special maybe. If the government steps in then they can nationalise it and he wont get a penny he doesnt even pay. Tax in the uk and he sued the nhs the uk government should seize his cash and sell his private. Island to prop up the company hes a billionaire anyway well depends whether you ever want to take a holiday. Again and whether you want all those employees and the industry to collapse they are no less deserving than the.

Sorry Can't Stoned Bye Hoodie

Sorry Can’t Stoned Bye Hoodie

Millions of others that are getting help you can be sure that they will be taxed in The Sorry Can’t Stoned Bye Shirt future to. Recoup i thought it was majority owned by delta who are getting a huge payout from the us and klmair. France why arent they bailing out otherwise the government should just buy up the shares and take a majority ownership. To safeguard it the issues virgin have is that it is a tiny airline and it has way too much. Debt this really annoys me if it was deserving then fair enough but when your owner is a billionaire he.

Sorry Can't Stoned Bye Sweater

Sorry Can’t Stoned Bye Sweater