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You thank you for working so hard and most of all keeping your word the best sotu speech of my lifetime thank you mr president for being a Science Bigger Opinion Shirt courageous warrior for us the best sotus ive personally witnessedthank you. He is absolutely the best of the best and he deserved the award just think president trump he has had to take the hate from the libs for years he deserved that award justsee more the greatest economic turn around in usa history ive been in manufacturing for yearsand ive never seen anything like this. Cant come quick enough you will lose bigley and drag the whole republican party down with youvoter turnout will be huge people are tired of all the drama and bullshit a thousand years from now if fossil fuels dont kill us all first they will be studying how the worlds first modern democracy failed and wondering why we let it happen the truth will always prevail so rest assured you will be held accountable for your wrong doing even if you think you got away with it everyone is gearing up to make sure all the dumborats are sent home cryin makethemcryagain termlimits thisaintnoprofession pelosi needs fired for her disrespct in front of so many kids what is some people in the whithouse teaching kids on tv you are the best please drain the deep state before the election

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