Roots Honor Thy Ancestors Shirt

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Are only getting bigger mr presidenti love. Go trump gothe haterswill always hate but your supporters will always love what you are doing for the usa get out and vote lets keep this great president working for all of us cannot wait a Roots Honor Thy Ancestors Shirt r the next years they need to pay taxs as a campaign contributor if they dont do equal time for both parties great job now pay down our debt waiting for the trade deal with the best african country kenya god bless you unlike nigerian president who want to send volunteers back to the streets after dragging them since may almighty god help us just tell when its time to sell out my us shares the deficit is ballooning so much for gop values happy for america from australia when will the president talk about cloudseeding in the usa and why does usa send cloudseeding material to other countries keep the momentum going mr president is ours to lose we are behind you every step of the waylead the way trump qqwwgwgadark to lightand. Thank you please help nys we cant afford to live hereanymore the only state to pay more in federal taxes than it receives it was an absolutely perfect and well spoken from the heart speech

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