Oui Mon Cherie Shirt

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You could hear it in your voiceyou are doing a Oui Mon Cherie Shirt wonderful job as president even with all the hate and the dems trying so hard to destroy you. Scherie s murray for new yorks th will beat aoc lets all give some cash to her by aoc will be a bad dream but she will collect k w bennies for life not badhey not unless its a democrat that resides in the unveiled swamp. It is up to us to drain the swamp at the pollsone of our previous enemies once said I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve please keep up the good work please take the high road once in awhile you have been super strong and have accomplished so much it would be nice to see those responsible for crimes against our nation go to jail not just skate around things because there connected thru politics

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