Flamingo Sewing Because Murder Is Wrong Shirt

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So what do they have planned for the Flamingo Sewing Because Murder Is Wrong Shirt upcoming election thats what we have to ask ourselvesyes it is terrible. We appreciate it very much social security and medicare should not even be considered when talking about cutting government programs that money belongs to the working people of america and it is ours for when were too old to workso we can have a little money to live on leave our social security and medicare alone draft a new amendment that social security and medicare can never be touched again that its guaranteed for the american working class people of this great country show them your kahunas sir every one knows its political suicide to touch social security id be more interested in some one who could fund it like maybe. Was the best speech I have ever heard powerful moving thought through amazing story and imagery well put together with just the right touchyou did a wonderful job I am proud

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