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It bothers him tds treatment is coming in the cold they are pitching tents for days you are just exited by big crowds wish service to the people could be your key agenda else electing a Do You Even Bang Chains Bro Shirt clownwas a big mistake you are going to lose because you are doing nothing about addressing the fraud that is going to happen and if you dont believe it you should have a close look at what happened in iowa. Thank you sir for all that you are sacrificing for us if the newspapers would write about what the president does and be honest he wouldnt have alot of the postsgreat job mr president thank you for signing a bill that allows farmers to dump their wastes into our watersour future generationswill surely appreciate it as well yes we can do that by voting you and the rest of your clan out of office amen keep up the good work our business is doing great we have more money in our paychecks and overall life is so much better. You care what they meant for harmgod meant for good prayers for you sir as you lead this great country

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