Can’t Talk Right Now Doing Hot Aunt Shit Shirt

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Primarily republican tickets on candidates said you for president in my mail in ballot fot president from here in californiasan diegoyou do a Can’t Talk Right Now Doing Hot Aunt Shit Shirt good jobbest president ever statically people up for election who have been backed by you or supported you have not won those elections the american people do have their eyes open to everything thats been going on only those with blinderscant see that youre trying to run a dictatorship and make a swampier swamp cant wait till november when they all get their asses handed to them my own government could learn from you pity the world is being turned into a toilet by dishonest politicians with lacklustre performance ratings in criticising you. Yeahbecause huge crowds of chanting people were never fooled by an authoritarian figure before and I suppose you think cnn and msnbc are not biased how stupid is that we havent watched fake news in years and their low ratings prove it shopping channel has more viewers than cnn and msnbc combined. Do they did you werent listening past when you heard russia was known to be helping you and congress had been briefed as is protocolyes I have got calls from both fearless leader and boris for me to vote for bernie lol I saw that he warned them to back off too

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