Buffalo Bills The Mafia Machine Drive Car Shirt

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Something see more I commend you for all you are putting up with you are protecting the american people and getting to the corruption that has been going on for years by the deep state andthe fake news keeps reporting false the americans who have been listening to thsee more rico statutes you can tie all the crooks together under one case under rico victims can sue for damages in civil court mike flynn might end up with a Buffalo Bills The Mafia Machine Drive Car Shirt million dollar mansion on marthas vineyard ya never know see more kickass but please do it respectfully dont take your self down to their level everyone doesnt need to know your every thought all of the time sometimes there is benefit in those that have possible need to be investigated not knowing exactly what issee more some of them in government have been there too long we need to limit terms in office as with. Exactly thats why we need more trumps ready and willing to be in line after your next years too badwe couldnt do the same for nys nyc coumo and deblasio are sadly destroying the people and the state voting trump its in the best interest of every american whether they realise it or not we love you. And I kind of fly past them because im tired of seeing trump winningbut thats a good thing

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